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Loan Periods & Fines

Fraser Lake Public Library Policy Manual

Adopted:  October 15, 2002, Revised: October 16, 2008

2.0    Library Services

2.1    Circulation of Materials

2.1.1    Loans

  1. In order to provide reasonable and fair access to all library users and to ensure return of items, loan periods will be set as follows.
    – DVD’s – 1 week
    – Magazines – 1 week
    – Books/CD ROM’s/Audio books (from all collections) – 3 weeks
  2. Due dates may be adjusted, at the discretion of the librarian, to accommodate the special needs of individual library users.
  3. The library reserves the right to limit loan periods on:
    – items in high demand
    – Inter-library loans
  4. The library reserves the right to limit the number of items loaned to an individual patron dependent on demand and size of the collection available.
  5. In order to provide equal and prompt access to all library users, reference materials are non-circulating and are so marked in the catalogue and on the item itself.
  6. New patrons are limited to 2 items out at a time for the first 3 months.

2.1.2    Renewals

  1. Items on hold cannot be renewed
  2. An item may be renewed 2 times except Magazines and DVD’s
  3. Renewals may be requested in person, by telephone, or by email or completed on line.

2.1.3    Reserves

  1. All items in circulation may be reserved by any library user in good standing.
  2. The library user will be notified as soon as possible when the item they have reserved is available.
  3. High demand items will be circulated to library users in the same order as the reserves were received from the library users.
  4. Reserved items will be held for 10 calendar days.  If the item is not picked up before that time expires, the library may return it to the shelf or loan it to the next person on the reserve list and a .50 charge will be applied to patrons account.
  5. Library users may request reserves on inter-library loan items at the discretion of the librarian.  Since the item may be recalled by the original lending library, the FLPL cannot guarantee the item will be held, but will do its best to satisfy the library user.

2.1.4    Overdue Materials

  1. The library will impose fines for overdue materials as per Appendix 2C.
  2. Overdue materials are subject to a grace period of one day, in which no fine is charged.
  3. The following are not subject to overdue fines:
    –  materials delivered to home-bound patrons
  4. The librarian will contact library users to remind them to return their overdue items two weeks after the due date.
  5. Patrons owing $5.00 or more in overdue fines will not be permitted to borrow collection items until all outstanding items and fines have been returned and or paid for. Unless patron is on a payment plan.
  6. Patrons may choose to go on a payment plan set up by staff.  They will need to pay the minimum amount decided upon every month.  Any missed payments will result in the plan being cancelled. During this time two items may be borrowed.
  7. Patrons owing $5.00 or more in fees will not be able to use the internet until their account has been cleared unless they are on a payment plan.
  8. Inter-library loan items may be charged at different rates.

Appendix 2C

Overdue Charges and Maximum Charges

Collection Items Per Item Per Day Maximum Charge Per Item
Adult or Teen Paperbacks
Fiction or Non-Fiction $0.25 $10.00
Adult or Teen Hardcover
Fiction or Non-Fiction $0.25 $10.00
Easy or Junior
Fiction or Non-Fiction $0.25 $10.00
Children’s Paperbacks, Hardcover or Board Books
Fiction or Non-Fiction $0.25 $10.00
Magazines $0.25 Cost of the magazine
Books on CD $0.25 $10.00
DVD’s and CD ROMs $1.00 $10.00

Unreturned items will be replacement cost plus a $10.00 processing fee. Fines are waived when replacement and processing fees are paid.

Magazines are replacement cost plus $1.50 processing fee.

2.1.5    Lost or Damaged Materials

  1. Collection items overdue by two months will be considered lost or damaged.
  2. Patrons will be invoiced for items considered lost or damaged.
  3. Patrons will be charged the replacement cost of the book plus a non-refundable administrative processing fee of $10.00 for any item lost or damaged.
  4. If a lost and paid for item is returned in good condition within 3 months the patron will be refunded the replacement cost of the item less the $10.00 administrative processing fee unless a replacement copy has already been purchased.
  5. Damaged and paid for materials will not be refunded.
  6. Patrons owing $5.00 or more for lost or damaged items will not be permitted to borrow collection items until the lost item is returned in good condition or the lost or damaged item is paid for.
  7. Patrons who owe $5.00 or less will have one month to pay their fines once they have been notified that money is owing.
  8. If a patron is having difficulty in paying they can set up a payment plan with the staff.  Payments would be a minimum of $2.00 per month.  Would be due on the same date.  While on a payment plan a patron may borrow a maximum of two items. If a patron does not pay monthly the plan will be cancelled and patron will have their privileges suspended until the total amount owing is paid.
  9. Patrons are responsible for any costs resulting from lost or damaged inter-library loan items and will be invoiced in the same manner as for lost or damaged collection items. (addition of FLPLA $10.00 non-refundable administrative processing fee on top of replacement cost of the book and processing fee of original lending library)

Adult Fiction & Paperbacks are colour-coded:

Red: Romance

  • Blue: Western
  • Orange: Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Yellow: Mystery/Thriller
  • White: Classic
  • Green – General Fiction
  • Brown: Horror
  • Red: Romance