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Fraser Lake Public Library Policy Manual

Adopted: May 21, 2002. Revised: Dec. 5, 2005       

2.4    Photocopy Service

2.4.1    Fee:

Recovery costs will be set by the board of trustees and maintained by staff members.


Public $0.25 per copy
Library Staff $0.10 per copy
Board Members $0.10 per copy
Volunteers/Friends of the Library $0.10 per copy

Copy is defined as one revolution of the photocopy meter.  A double-sided page therefore consists of two copies.

There will be no charge for staff members/board members for photocopying for board sanctioned courses.

In the event of computer malfunction, the librarian on duty shall determine any adjustment to the charges.

2.4.2    Copyright Infringement:

Library staff will comply with the provisions of the Canadian Copyright Act as provided for under the Public Copying Licence Agreement.

Appendix 2C : Information for Library Staff, Copying License for Public Libraries, and Appendix 2A : Public Use Photocopier Copyright Notice)s

The Library will encourage the public to conform to the same.

Copies of the above Appendices will be posted at the photocopier.

The Library accepts no responsibility for infringements of copyright incurred by individuals of the public.