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Strategic Plan

Fraser Lake Public Library Strategic Plan 2013-2016

Goal 1: Reach out to the community

Increase awareness of library services available to the community.

  • Write articles, update and develop website. Create information brochures. Submit articles regularly to Village News
  • Have the logo appear with articles, advertising, and brochures whenever possible.
  • Offer library tours to groups to promote the services (school, college, and other groups).

Improve existing library programs and events

  • Story Time, author tours, 45 Books in 45 Minutes, Open Mic and other cultural events.
  • Advertise events through local media, groups, and businesses.
  • Develop a senior at home programme by spring 2014.
  • Establish regular lines of communication with the Schools, College, Chamber of Commerce, Visitor Centre, local media. EG. Phraser Connector, Village News, Rest & Relax, school newsletters etc..
  • Offer programs to the public in conjunction with the Fraser Lake Medical Clinic and Northern Health Authority.
  • Make downstairs available to local groups to use (free of charge or for a small fee)

Goal 2: Improve Facility

  •  Develop and implement a plan to extend open hours of operation to the public through our existing budget in Jan. 2014.
  • Create a map of library materials (floor plan) and improve signage for ease of locating materials in the library.
  • Develop a plan for completion of the renovations downstairs.
  • Develop a plan for completion of the renovations in our parking lot and the outside of our building.
  • Work with the Village when undertaking these renovations.

Goal 3: Enhance Services

  • Encourage staff development and excellent service through continuing education.
  • Create and implement a Library Board Development plan and increase the participation by the board.
  • Become WI FI Friendly by January 2014.
  • Ability to offer E-Books by January 2014
  • Implement surveys to users and non – users.  Offer prizes as incentives
  • Look at Book Clubs
  • Promote Library Cards


  • Increase the funding to improve the collection.
  • Examine collection and technology to keep it current and in good repair. Wi Fi
  • Speak to Borealis

Goal 4: Strengthen Partnerships

  • Maintain a constructive relationship with the Village and Regional District.
  • Continue to actively participate in the North Central Library Federation.
  • Continue to maintain partnerships with local and regional literacy agencies by continuing to attend meetings and participating in the development of literacy in our area.

Goal 5:  Fundraising

  • Raise the profile of charitable status.
  • Develop an improved friends of the library organization.

Goal 6:  Improve operational efficiency

  • Train staff so that more than one individual is capable of fulfilling the technical operations of the library.
  • Continue to update procedures manual.